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BalVino Productions makes the premier balancing wine bottle holder, the BalVino. This handcrafted wine holder is available in our unique designs and as a custom wine accessory. We specialize in crafting wine related handmade goods for wineries and vineyards. Located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

A Story About Wood Workers and Wine Lovers

BalVino Productions. We make balancing wine bottle holders & other wine accouterments. Check out our wood shop or head over to our personalized balancing wine bottle holder page to have us create a balancing wine bottle holder just for you. Come see how to make a balancing wine bottle holder.


There is something really special about the BalVino’s unique blend of art and science that seems to always find it at the beginning of good conversations.
— Hannah, BalVino Productions
balancing wine bottle holder reclaimed

Poised. Relaxed. Balanced.

- The BalVino. A wine bottle holder -

Tucked away in their tiny Indianapolis, Indiana workshop Balvino artisans, Hannah and Jeff, fashion each BalVino wine bottle holder by hand. While every BalVino is unique, it is through precision workmanship and attention to detail that we ensure a "balanced" product. These traits are what allow us to guarantee that every BalVino will always work as intended. 

BalVino Productions began when Jeff, our founder, attempted to make a balancing wine bottle holder as a gift. The project that he was attempting was very similar to our Original BalVino design. Despite watching How To Make a Balancing Wine Bottle Holder Videos for hours his did not turn out so well. He didn't have any of the tools and tried to complete the project quickly. He didn't allow enough time for the glue to dry and ended up at the store. Ever since then he has been working on acquiring the tools and patience necessary for proper woodworking. After being told by friends and family enough times Jeff decided to sell his BalVino floating wine bottle holders. BalVino Productions, the grandchild of that very first balancing wine bottle holder, has become a great learning experience in both woodworking and entrepreneurship for both Hannah and Jeff who are each thankful that you have stopped by.

Display your wine in this balancing wine bottle holder in a way that is both curious and elegant. Whether it holds your go to Pinot Grigio on the kitchen counter, a rustic Malbec on the basement bar or you use it to perch an elegant Cabernet on the shelf near the hearth, the BalVino is that finishing touch reserved for those who's attention to detail is no less than impeccable. With the BalVino you can turn almost any wine bottle into a functional work of art. 

The BalVino wine bottle display centers the weight of the wine bottle over the foot of the holder. This dance with gravity creates an eye catching illusion that the pair is floating. Incredibly the BalVino works with full, re-corked, and empty standard sized wine bottles. So you can even showcase a bottle of wine that you've already enjoyed. Each bottle design has a different weight, and to account for this you just slide the bottle either a little bit farther in or out of the BalVino until you've found the equilibrium that allows the system to balance. 

Each BalVino comes with an info tag that demonstrates what it is and how to use it. They make excellent gifts especially when paired with a bottle of wine

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