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BalVino Productions makes the premier balancing wine bottle holder, the BalVino. This handcrafted wine holder is available in our unique designs and as a custom wine accessory. We specialize in crafting wine related handmade goods for wineries and vineyards. Located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The Original BalVino

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Shop for Counter balance wine bottle holder or floating wine bottle holder or balancing wine bottle holder. Each of our balancing wine holders are completely handmade in our wood shop and not mass produced like our competitors. If you love wine these wine accessories are for you. 

The Original BalVino

The Original BalVino1.jpg
The Original BalVino double.jpg
The Original BalVino1.jpg
The Original BalVino double.jpg

The Original BalVino


The Original BalVino could be considered "the grandfather" of our entire operation. The first floating wine bottle holder that we ever made was a less than successful attempt at crafting this very piece. Watching every "how to make a balancing wine bottle holder video" on the internet couldn't save it.

The Original BalVino is made by ripping long boards of Oak and Pine then planing them so that they fit together tightly. They are glued up in our favorite double pin stripe pattern and left clamped for 24 hours to set. We painstakingly cut and drill our precise angles then plane them again to ensure the iconic BalVino Productions steadiness and level bottle look. Finally we sand them silky smooth and apply a rich coat of mineral oil to bring out the natural beauty of the wood. Yeah, I think we finally got it down.

Rough Size: 10" x 3" x 5/8"

Handmade in the USA - Indianapolis, Indiana

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Sometime in December of 2012 we hand crafted our very first counter balance wine bottle holder. It took a few tries to get the angles right, to figure out how to drill a hole and to do so without exactly the right tools. It was given as a gift. At BalVino Productions we've been perfecting our craft ever since and this floating wine bottle holder is the epitome of The BalVino.

This is our best rendition of The BalVino yet. It is what we envisioned creating on that very first try, but could not be achieved without a few trials.. and errors.

Every BalVino balancing wine bottle holder is hand crafted in Indianapolis Indiana with the discerning wine enthusiast in mind. The BalVino works with nearly all 750 ml “regular” sized wine bottles. The BalVino uses your wine bottle, whether it is full, partial or empty, as a counter balance creating a system that stands on its own. This system is surprisingly steady and will not fall unless it or the surface it's sitting on is given a good bump. Used as an artistic center piece, bar top wine display, or as long term décor on the shelf. Display an unopened bottle, one you want to remember or give The BalVino as the perfect gift with a bottle of your favorite wine - this is a wine lover’s wine accessory.